Life as We Know It.

We aren’t doing life in the typical manner of what we’ve always seen or grown up watching on television. We do not have fancy things. We do not own a house, nor will we for some time to come. Josh did not receive a 4-year college education, and I left the hospital as a new nurse after just a quick 9 months. We do not have it all together. We are not perfect. We are not trendy. We make mistakes all too often.

What life looks like for each one of us does not and will never resemble the same exact formula as the individual standing next to us in line or as the brave missionary traveling far across seas to adventure out on an unbeaten path. And yet? His plans for us are still 100% Valuable, 100% Intentional. And that? That little aspect of life, in itself, is absolutely so beautiful beyond belief, so radiant beyond description, and so grand beyond measure. Can we rejoice in that for a split moment of today? That we, although together make up one Body, each provide different compositions, contain different parts to allow it to function properly – from missionaries to business men - from researchers to coffee shop workers – from doctors to pastors, we all belong here together. Can I just get an Amen for that?! Maybe an Alleluia?! A Bwana Asifiwe?! Can we just be glad in His unwavering, unique design shone out fiercely amongst us all in so many different, intricate ways?? Can we simply rejoice in His sovereign, yet so beautiful Creations laid out right before us?

He has a vision for each one of us to further His Kingdom right where we currently are. Nothing in your past has been a mistake or road bump in His sight. Nothing in your current He does not already know, and not one thing in your future will ever surprise Him. He has given us each talents, joys and creations, in so many different ways. And this means no judgment shall be casted. No scoffing shall be heard, and no abuse shall be done. 

Let us rejoice. Let us rejoice in the simple Gospel. Let us laugh. Let us laugh in the little, frustrating moments of our day to day life, and let us fight. Let us fight on to press fiercely into what He has in store for us next. Even when that next step appears to be bone shaking and chilling, frightening and unappealing, and perceiving to be a high mountain top absolutely incapable of conquering over. We no longer have to work hard to earn this sweet Reward in life. We are no longer slaves to law holding us down. We simply just have to live one day - one step - one foothill at a time. We have to take the time to dwell in His Grace and understand His Presence. We have to be able to accept and believe that the essence of being imperfect is truly okay. We have to believe that we are worthy of His Value, Love and Belonging. And we have to kick false, religious check lists in order start living a life full of Intent and capability in Prosperity while living out the Simple Gospel:

Loving the Lord, your God, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. (Mark 12)

Never taking a single breath for granted and bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth – even if that end is where your seed is currently planted.

You have life within you. Do not let that life be robbed by the devil of doubt creating false beliefs in your mind that you simply “cannot” – that you are not qualified enough, good enough, smart enough or fit enough for a certain task laid out ahead.

His seed is already planted. Let us allow it to grow deep within us, and let us allow it to shine.

love always,

Shelby Liana (Liana Moments) and Joshua Dean